Do Not Worry

There are so many reasons to stop and worry. It is that rush feeling that might wake you up in the night or very early in the morning. Or, right smack dab in the middle of the day when you may thing everything is going alright. Usually following that first rush of worry is a bucket list of other worries that seem to matter very much in those few minutes.

In those moments, almost immediately, my mind starts to travel to resolution of each and every worrisome thought that has come to mind. I put out quickly the small flames. I move onto the medium sized blazes and work those out on paper. But there are bigger fires.

These are the fires that strike fear in me. The fear flashes while I simultaneously search for ground. I search for the ground beneath my feet and the hand that holds my world together. In those first moments of potential raging fire, I think to the Lord. God, I am afraid. Where do you want me to be right now? I want to move from this space to your space, God. You have my full attention. Talk to me. Tell me how to get from fear and uncertainty to where you want me to be. He speaks and I breathe.

I really only say this to you today because there was a pull in my heart this morning. The pull was to put a short note up for you. To simply remind you that we have a Lord that sits on the throne over all. He holds our world together. He is the Everlasting King. All rests below Him. Find His voice and breathe as he sets all in order and delivers you from each and every worry in your heart and in your mind. Do not be afraid for the Lord you God is with you. Joshua 1:9

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