Writer Femmes

A product of the 90s coffee houses a’la the Friends era, Bindu Adai-Mathew’s favorite pastimes often include a hot steaming cup of coffee or chai: curling up on a cozy couch with a good book on a cold, blustery day (def. a cup of steaming masala chai!),  on the couch of a close friend’s home while dissecting the anomalies of the male homo sapien (coffee, preferably dark, strong, and very sweet… the way she likes her men, er I mean husband :), shopping with friends in the mall (Starbucks peppermint white mocha, please!), at Borders bookstore overlooking the Intracoastal canals in Ft. Lauderdale (hazelnut cappuccino).

Bindu considers herself cutting-edge, as clearly evidenced by her love for 80s music, which she loved way before it was considered cool, and her foresight to hang on to at least one pair of her tapered jeans, which, just as she predicted, made their comeback, albeit they are now called “skinny” jeans.

An accomplished “unpublished” novelist (with one completed book under her belt and another one under construction), she moonlights during business hours as a senior business analyst at a staffing company.

Her goal in life is to start living out those dreams God placed in her heart and be everything and nothing less than whom God has designed for her to be. She hopes to encourage her fellow women in the process, drawing upon her life experiences, failures, and her successes, to encourage and inspire them to settle for nothing less than God’s best.


EF347B4F-9F92-44AB-BC12-A1F64CF2F84ASasha Katz

This is who I am.  Loved by Him.  Loved by a girl I call Peanut Butter.  And a Mysterious Tween who I call my First Born.  Journeying with the same man since 11th grade.  Joyfully living, moving and breathing in Him.  Certain that we will see the goodness of God in the Land of the Living.


JMathis wants to have it all: the whimsy of Carrie Bradshaw, the career accomplishments of Justice Sotomayor, and the ability to spontaneously whip up organic Tuna Tartare with Avocado Mousse at impromptu dinner parties for the smug, yuppie literati set, where Miles Davis is playing dreamily in the background. In actuality, she is juggling a screeching toddler, while running a law firm and eating a plate full of chicken wings. In the meantime, she is continuing to reconcile her mixed identity as a progressive-leaning, evangelical Christian, in a world that is just plain confused by this paradoxical notion. Her husband wishes that she wasn’t such a walking contradiction, but she suspects that he kinda digs it, too. Her latest academic research entails watching The Jersey Shore for “cultural observations” about how God continues to matter in a post-modern world of apathy, Twitter and consumerism.

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