Fuel Your Inner Femme

If you go through our list of female friends on Facebook, you’ll see a variety of women being represented. There’s our friend who’s interminably chained to her desk, missing weddings and funerals, but seeing no other way to advance in her male-dominated career. There’s our brilliant friend who can’t find seem to find a job in this economy, and just had to *gasp* move back in with mom and dad. There’s our friend who seems to live the glamour of the Sex and the City lifestyle, but wakes up every morning with the heartache that she still hasn’t met her Mr. Big. There’s our friend who has her doctoral degree, but is now drowning in dirty diapers and covered in spit-up. There’s our other friend who has been married to the love of her life, but is fighting back depression as she begins yet another round of IVF. There’s our friend who is going on year 15 of binging and purging, with our other friend who would just kill to fit into skinny jeans. Oh, and don’t forget our friend who married so young, that she can’t recognize the man she shares a bed with each night, much less the woman that she has become in this marriage.

Are you one of these women? Have you ever asked why God made you a woman? How does your identity as a woman tie into your future and destiny? How do we find our voices as women, while living in a world where womanhood appears to be a confusing bag of mixed messages and preconceived notions dictated by culture, tradition and the media? Does each day feel like a walking paradox, as you struggle to live one life, but still dream of a life that holds something better?

We’re a group of writers, who are women just like you, sharing our stories with you in an honest, personal and meaningful way. Part devotional and part memoir, FemmeFuel aims to inspire, provoke and provide you with the fuel you need to bring a smile to your weary face on a gloomy day.

Sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a leap of faith with us, as you embark on this literary journey to find God’s still, small voice in a world filled with increasing stress, doubt and chaos. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you find your voice as a woman, and let our words encourage you to have a closer walk with Jesus.  After all, sometimes  as women, we all just need to be reminded from time-to-time of what Christopher Robin once told Winnie the Pooh: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

3 thoughts on “Fuel Your Inner Femme

  1. I love the spirit of this site to inspire, assure and encourage other women, daughters, sisters, mothers, that they are loved and not ever alone. To affirm the love of God in theirs and our lives… thanks for being the image of God He has created in all us women… relational to the core… no matter what or where we have been we are His heart of love and even when we are tapped out He still shows up… for it is in our weaknesses He is strong!


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