Every Morning, You Have A Choice

“Every morning you have a choice,” she said. “I tell him that when we are having a bad morning.” “It doesn’t have to be this way, you can choose to be happy.” She said.

This is what my sister in law told me over a long dinner conversation. This is what she tells her husband when he is angry, grumpy, depressed or annoyed – -and starting off the day poorly. While I do not know where my sister in law is with the Lord, her words – – every morning you have a choice – – stayed with me. Sometimes I wake up longing for more sleep. Sometimes I wake up annoyed that I am the only one up (for no good reason). Sometimes I feel defeated before the day really begins. Sometimes I am yelling and barking orders before I even get into the car with the kids.

Even though I spend the first 10 or 15 minutes of my day with the Lord, I still am sometimes susceptible to becoming frustrated or loud so early in the day. I actually feel pretty justified a lot of the time. In the heat of my tired, annoyed, defeated self, I feel entitled to bark and whine. But I have a choice.

My choice is to gather my strength from Him. To take my tired, annoyed, defeated self and recall that He knows. He knows my needs before I can utter them. Before I can articulate them. Before I can pray them. Sometimes, He has answered them before I can use my efforts to ask Him. He knows my self. My strength and weaknesses. He knows when I need a loving touch of the shoulder or some fire and brimstone to get me moving in the right direction. He just knows.

I really believe in my heart of hearts that He has paved a path before me. This is a long, life encompassing path, but it is also a daily pathway. There is a path from the opening of my eyes to the start of the engine with my kids in the morning. To the office. Back to school for pick up and home again. And, on and on. Although we do not literally see the path, it is there to follow. The path has clear explicit instructions so that we can take off tired, annoyed and defeated and walk peacefully and confidently in Him.

I like the reminder that every day we have a choice. I like that I can choose Him. God, help us choose You in the dawn and in the dusk and in every waking hour. Help us with our faith that You will pave the way throughout our day, and even in our sleep. Help us choose knowing deep in our souls that You first chose us. And, although we sometimes fight with our own tired, annoyed and defeated selves, we can always stop in our tracks, and choose You.

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