This Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning, I was thinking about time. All of the things that I would like to do that I haven’t done recently, but would really like to do. My list of things is not laundry or cleaning, or really even reading another good book. I was thinking about all of the wonderfully, Godly things happening all over all of the time. All of the Godly opportunity. I wish I had more time to do them all. There was no guilt in my thoughts or heart. Really just a healthy consideration of all the great things there is available to do to serve God. And the gentle understanding that there is one lifetime to pack it all in.

I wish I was an octopus doing eight things at one time. I wish that I could go listen to a speaker on childrearing. I wish I could walk another charitable 5K with my family. I wish I was passing out love bags with my kids. I wish I was mentoring young women alongside my mom. I wish I was doing more bible studies with my kids. I wish I was volunteering more at school. I wish I was planning to go on a missions trip. I wish I could write a kind note to everyone on my mind. I wish all of these things and, rather than curse time, I feel a breadth of peace.

As I am thinking about all of these things, I sense in my heart an acknowledgement of the time that God has afforded me. I sense that He will afford me all of these things in time. I listen closely as I feel Him tell me all is well and there is a season in which to accomplish all. I am thankful for the body of Christ as we each act out our faith as God leads.

I think about a contrast my pastor sometimes makes between the man who is not ready to die and the man who welcomes the end of his days. The first man grips onto life in the face of death. The first man is fearful of the future and regretful of the past. He is not ready to die. The second man has peace and sound recollection of a life well lived. This man anticipates the face of Christ and gently lets go when it is his time to pass from this life to the next. This man is the person I wish to be. This man ran to the opportunities God placed in his heart and in his path. This man walked the seasons of his life with faith and trust in the Lord. This man knew that all is well in God’s timing. I wish to be this person.

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