Love in the Time of Pain

By JMathis

I wish your heart was not so wounded from the pain caused by your loved ones. I wish that your family could be a source of comfort to you, rather than the source of your distress and anguish. I wish that our words would bring us together, rather than tear us apart.

Until that day, I wish you love unspeakable. May your soul be mended by the love of the Father who adores you beyond comprehension. Who knows every birthmark on your body. Who delights every time your eyes twinkle with mischief and laughter. Who longs to wipe away those tears you masterfully hide from everyone but yourself.

I pray that His love envelop you in comfort and consolation, in ways that your family cannot. May His words revive you and give you life, especially when the words of your loved ones create so much confusion and conflict.

Allow your Father to turn your mourning into dancing, and to heal the soul strings of your grieving spirit. Let His songs transform the sackcloth of your broken heart into a safe and nurturing cocoon of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Never give up hope that your family can change to become your greatest champions. That they may love you in a way that is not destructive or damaging. That their words lift you up rather than fracture you apart. That they may come to know the Father and bear the fruits of His Spirit.

May He heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds. May He cure your pains and your sorrows. Psalm 147:3

Know that you are love, you are light, you are His. You are an overcomer, you are a conqueror, you are His. You are treasured, you are cherished, you are His.

You are you, you are ours, but most importantly, you are His.

You are loved.

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