By AbbyA

JMathis asked you to RevealBindu showed you that . . . Authenticity doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continual process of God refining us. But like any refinement, it’s painful. It involves revealing truths about ourselves that even we’re blind to.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from a wonderful book called The Relief of Imperfection by Joan C. Webb.  In reading this excerpt, unexpected tears ran down my face.  Tears to my Father as I acknowledged that it’s my desire to provide total support at all times in every situation.  Tears to my Father acknowledging that I sometimes fail.  Tears that I have been forgiven by others, by Him and that God too gives me the opportunity to forgive myself.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt below.  I hope that, if there is something that you have not forgiven yourself for, that you would acknowledge your failure or mistake and accept His forgiveness in place of the guilt.  He is my treasure and wherever He leads me, I will go.

And now, Lord, thank you for giving me so many people, so many opportunities to love.  But please forgive me when I fail them; help them to forgive me, and me to forgive myself.  You made me human, and there is only so much of me to go around.  Marjorie Holmes, Lord, Let Me Love.

Although we long to provide and receive total support at all times in every situation, there is blessing in accepting that it isn’t possible – or wise.  For if we met all of our family’s needs and desires and they met ours, we might be tempted to leave God out of our lives.  And that would be the genuine tragedy.  Joan C. Webb

One thought on “Relief

  1. What a lovely surprise to awaken to your blog post this morning. I’m mellowed and grateful that God has used The Relief of Imperfection to touch your heart and bring you “relief” and permission to live in the freedom of forgiveness.

    When I was going through my recovery from burnout, I remember the day that I realized that the person I most needed to forgive was myself. I had treated myself poorly and expected the impossible from myself. I’m still in the process of accepting my humanness and imperfection. Some days I’m better at it than other days. 🙂

    God is the only perfect one. And life (our relationships, dreams, jobs, bodies, churches) doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Thank you for reminding us of this today, Abby.


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