I Have Made You A Strong Tower

By AbbyA

The name of the Lord is a strong tower.  Proverbs 18:10a. 

Girlfriends, I don’t know who you have the privilege to hold on to  – – whether it be when you wipe out on the dock in your cork platforms or whether you’re wiped out from your dad’s funeral.  Maybe it’s your husband or your mom or your best friend.  But . . . we have a Lord who is a strong tower.  And, somehow, when we rely on Him, He puts His power in us so we can stand like a strong tower.

I remember standing in church several years ago.  I was experiencing extreme gratitude and feeling quite strong.  God showed me one of the pillars holding up the sanctuary and spoke to me – – I have made you a strong tower.  I had perservered through a fair amount of sin and pain.  I reached a place of contentment with self and gratitude for the new creation He made of me.    Because of Him, I had become a strong tower.

Strong Tower.  Whether you need to lean on one or whether you need to be one, call on the Lord.  He takes empty, broken, sinful selves and builds towers tall and strong.   His foundation never cracks and never changes.  Selah.

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