An Upside Down World

By AbbyA

In thinking about yesterday’s post – – burn out, grief, anger, bitterness, stress, shame – – I remember an excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ “An Upside Down World.”  He describes planet earth as

Valley of Tears, Cursed with Labour, Hemmed Round with Necessities, Tripped Up with Frustration, Doomed to Perpetual Plannings, Puzzlings and Anxieties.

It is no wonder that when the barrel becomes too full, we may be overcome by depression.  I have been there quite recently myself.  I felt like all was lost, cloudy, that everything was taken from me, loneliness, failure, systematic tears.  One afternoon, experiencing all of those emotions at once, I told myself to get up.  A dear friend had just told me that I was depressed and I needed to talk to someone about that.  That is what I did, my fellow sisters.

Don’t reach in when you are falling apart – – reach out.  This Upside Down World will beat up and turn you inside out.  Don’t do it alone.  If you think you are depressed, find a Christian counselor and start putting things back together.  It was about a month ago, my counselor said to me that I was smiling.  What a thought!

If you are looking for a trusted counselor, post a comment.  FemmeFuel will share with you many resources that just may make all the difference in your world.  I will be praying for you, sisters.  Love, AbbyA

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