Love to the Mama

By AbbyA

Love to the Mama

Her children’s names, God, Friends

Music to the Mama’s Ears

Je t’ aime maman, Good Food, Nice Mom

Mama’s Worst Moments

No time to take care of the way I look and knowing that I need to lose 20 pounds but can’t stop stuffing my face with food.

Not doing something the right way when you knew when you did it the wrong way that you were taking a short cut.

Screaming for no good reason.

Advice for the Mama

Be Filled by What Lifts You Up.

Listen When the Good Music Plays.

Forgive Yourself for Something.

Choose a Book about Someone You Admire and Read it.

Think About What You Have Been Given to Do and Do That.

Love Never Fails.

2 thoughts on “Love to the Mama

  1. JMathis

    Mama’s Worst Moment and Best All Rolled Into One:

    Worst: middle of the night yesterday, sick kiddo is sneezing and coughing into my hair, covering me in ickiness and slime.

    Best: as she’s doing this, she snuggles her snotty face into my neck, whispering, “Love you so much, Mama.”

    Priceless and gross, all at once.


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