Mastering Your Bon Jovi Moment

By AbbyA

You can’t serve two masters. That is what pounced around my mind as I was trying to decide how to gloss over an important scheduling decision. I was trying to please two significant relationships by compromising my time with one and my truthfulness with the other. I really am not feeling transparent enough to tell you the scenario. You know by now that this is rare for me. In any case, remember Bon Jovi‘s Shot Through the Heart? That’s how the words, “You can’t serve two masters” pierced me. Not such a big deal in the end. I made the right decision.

A few days before, a new jogging acquaintance shared with me that she really couldn’t control herself when it came to food even in the face of diabetes. I literally ran into her a few days after my “You can’t serve two masters” experience. I had the idea to tell her that you can’t serve two masters – both God and food. Not sure in which direction she ran after that comment.

I work out with a group called CrossTrainers. We’re doing a study by Lysa Terkeurst called Made to Crave, Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God, Not Food. Whether it’s food or something else that you’re craving – – really anything that you have an uncontrollable desire for, Lisa makes a lot of sense. She told this extraordinary story where, on the one hand, she was instructing her teenage son as to boundaries in a relationship he had gone too far with, and on the other hand, she was ready to congratulate herself on her hard day with her son by shoveling chocolate into her mouth. She says it was right then that Bon Jovi shot through her heart (my words not hers). How can we lead others, in their deepest need, to choose God, while we are feeding our own selves with food, instead of God?

Check out the study. If you don’t have the time, see how my Bon Jovi moment resonates with you. Have you made any recent decisions where you had to choose your Master? Did you choose right?

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