Take a Chance Somewhere Other Than Wal-Mart


By AbbyA

So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I walked the Wal-Mart aisles passing Valentine themed pillow pets that my daughter would love. Cardboard hearts full of chocolate that my son would love.  Stuffed Valentine bears with the year “2011” embroidered on the paw . . . I would have bought that for a high school boyfriend. I glanced at the fancy Hallmark section – – Mahogany façade showcasing all sorts of embossed deep red Valentine cards. I had a miniature rush like the tide coming in – – Pick something up for the husband? I say miniature because this genre of thought usually lasts only long enough for me to decide that it’s not that good of an idea. Note that my sick son is in the cart patiently waiting for me to grab a hamper and take him home for lunch.

What in the heck ever happened to Valentine’s Day in my life, in my marriage? Do I even have the nerve to find a babysitter and go out on this famously romantic night? What in the heck will we do without the kids to laugh with and talk to all night? Seems kind of spooky to think about gazing into each other’s eyes. That gaze holds 18 years of life clips. My old roommate Ann calls it the “good, bad and the ugly.” It is hard to know what clip will surface in that gaze. Hence, maybe it’s better to stay home.

Early on in my marriage, we thought the whole event was a waste of time – – guys with a single rose, couples everywhere, restaurants jam packed, women with red shirts, red skirts, red shoes, red undies. We would have way more goin’ on at home with take out and candles than dining out with a preset price and menu. And then somehow life sets in and time gets you from behind.

Do your marriage a favor this year. However good, bad or ugly it’s been. Do whatever you haven’t done in years past. Join the Valentine conga line. Sort of like you did in your twenties when you went to all of those weddings. Get yourself a red something and a reservation. I am going to take a chance. What about you?

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