Woman of the Month…Tina Yeager! (PART 2 of the FemmeFuel Interview)


I met Tina Yeager through her leadership position in a local foster care organization.  As I got to know her, I was impressed by her warm, professional manner and passion for serving the community.  As it turns out, like most of FemmeFuel writers and followers, she does the balancing act—Business Owner, Committed Mom, Christian Leader and Writer.  She is absolutely qualified to be our very interesting woman for January 2011.  I hope you enjoy her candid thoughts on femininity, relationships and being a single mom.  Feel free to post your comments and ask questions—she will be with us all week!  – AbbyA

In case you missed it…click here to read Part 1 of Tina’s interview: What fuels the Godly woman?

AbbyA: Describe femininity.


Tina Yeager: Femininity is the ability to be strong, yet loving, kind, generous and gentle.  Many women lose their femininity when they take on the role of men in business and don’t realize that they can be both loving/kind/gentle and strong/intelligent at the same time. I must say, we do a great job of competing with the men in the market place, however, it is so much sweeterwhen it is a feminine woman that also exudes strength and wisdom.

It excites me to see women who are successful and continue to be the loving, Godly women who Christ created them to be.  Keeping our feminine side is what sets us apart from so many.  What a testimony and example you are when you recognize that you don’t have to lose the feminine side of you to be a great pillar of strength!

AbbyA: What do you plan to accomplish in the New Year?

Tina Yeager: My goal for 2011 is completing my book:  “Smart Women, Bad Choices.”  The book is all about women living redemptive lives despite the struggles we may have gone through.  It is a story of a woman that came from an abusive childhood, a rebellious youth and felt unlovable and unworthy.  She made so many choices that reflected those feelings within her.  So many years of heartache and pain were not in vain, as God had a plan and a purpose for her life. Christ redeems her life and fills it with true peace, joy and comfort.  He uses all the hurt and pain for her to help others and glorify Him.  The book teaches and encourages women to draw closer to Him and to let go.  We are all works in progress.

Tina Yeager has been an RN for 18 years and the CEO/owner of Ocean to Ocean Healthcare since 1995. She has been nominated for “Business Woman Of The Year” by the South Florida Business Journal. Tina is currently chair of the development council for 4Kids of South Florida, an organization committed to meeting the needs of foster care children. She is also active in a community outreach endeavor that benefits The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. This endeavor is called “Dunn’s Run”. Tina sits as the chairperson for this annual community event where proceeds go directly to The Boys and Girls Club, and is also a corporate board member and chair of the volunteer committee.

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