Haiti’s Children of Rape

In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, its tent cities are ravaged by sexual violence against women.

Children of rape are latest legacy of Haiti quake…

As you take time this month to transform yourself from the inside out, make it a point this year to pray for transformation for those you do not see everyday, for those suffering outside of your borders.


Can you take a few minutes today to lift these Haitian women and children up in prayer? Can you pray that the hearts of these offenders are convicted and brought to repentance?

A prayer based on Psalms 18: 1-3.

Lord, You are their strength.

Lord, You are their rock, fortress and their deliverer.

Lord, lead them to find refuge in You. You are their shield, their salvation and their stronghold.

Lord, as they call to You, save them from their enemies.

Lord, we love You and You are worthy of praise.

Lord, as you transform us, transform them. 

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