When Everything is Clean

imageBy AbbyA

Cleaning.  Did I say cleaning?  Where’s my mom?  She is the one who kept it all clean.  Did you spend time with your mom today or did you spend time finding out if she can watch your kids?  Kids.  I have a four year old girl with a curl in the middle of her brow who tells me how to pack up my Christmas ornaments.  Christmas.  How many meals can you eat in twenty-four hours?  Food.  If I eat everything that is left over from Christmas, then I can potentially deflate if there is nothing left.  Nothing left.  That would be me when I fall asleep with wet hair and the lights on.

Clean.  That would be my house on Mondays and Thursdays.  Thanks, Helena.  Mom.  She would be the person to whom I owe just about everything.  Including the mother I am to my kids.  One of the few things I am sure that I do well.  Kids.  Joy of my heart and light of my life.  Food.  Joy of my heart and light of my life.  That was a joke.  Food.  Take a look at Susie Larson’s Balance that Works when Life Doesn’t and the “F Word” will finally make sense AND take its rightful place in your life.  Something left.  That would be me when I lighten up and trust God that He has it all covered.

Clean.  Clean first the inside of the cup and the outside will also be clean.  Matthew 23.  That would be the moment in which my Christianity made sense to me.  Clean hands and a pure heart.  Psalm 24.  That would be the moment in which I understood that God knows my intentions when they are not apparent to anyone else.  Blessed is he in whose spirit there is no deceit.  Psalm 32.  That would be the moment when I realized that even my unintentional mistakes would be forgiven.  A lot left.  There is a lot left when everything is clean.

With so much ahead in 2011, I plan to find time to spend with my mom.  I plan to revel in the chants of my daughter – me and my mama and only me – when we are lying in bed together.  I look forward to Christmas time again so that I can remember how good He has been to me the whole year long.  I will remember to keep things clean and to get some help with that.  Helena, Mom, God, Kids, Food.  There is a lot left to give when everything is clean.

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