Kicking Off Your Master Plan

By AbbyA

January 2011.  The Daily Grind continues.  The Master Plan does not.  In other words, the Daily Grind will rock on.  But the Master Plan won’t kick off unless you plan for it.  Think not about the categorical boxes or time lines that tell you where you are.  Dig up the good stuff that seems far off.  Are you a talented CPA but used to dream about basketball?  Are you working 9-5 in a cubicle but design beautiful wedding cakes?  Are you changing diapers while thinking up a book on nutrition?  Wherever that dream went, find it, grab it.  Make it a Master Plan.

Think Big.  Start Light.  Grab a bound notebook and give it a date – – January 2011.  Jot down locations where you can start up your sport’s league.  Think about who would allow you to design their wedding cake.  Start collecting articles on the kid’s food revolution.  Add to it every week, every night, every month.  Once you have a handful of entries, write an outline of surfacing themes, tag your guiding principles and put action to the Master Plan.

Be clear, the Daily Grind is loud and the Master Plan is quiet.  The Daily Grind will Eat your Notebook in your Exhaustion.  It will Hide your Notebook in its Busyness.  The Daily Grind will Soak up your Dream like a Coffee Filter.  Dreams lost look like deflated balls.  Smooshed cakes.  Sluggish days devoid of backseat lightning to keep you moving.

Daily Grind keeps the world spinning round.  But it doesn’t set the spin in motion.  The Master Plan is the origination of the momentum.  It is the Steady Hand that gives you the dream.  It is the Voice of the Spirit that says you are capable and called to do one thing, but you were made to dream and do another.  Daily Grind and Dreams are Counterparts.  Both sides were drawn into Time.  Both Counterparts were Crafted into you.  No doubt, you can Occupy yourself Full Time with the Daily Grind.  But, without the Master Plan, the who you are will suffer loss in the long term.

The Even Greater Loss will be to the stale lives of those to whom you were meant to deliver your dream.  Someone who really needed to be part of something will not have a league to join.  Someone won’t have the chance to know you as a cake designer.  Someone won’t be enriched by your book bound wisdom.  If you already have lost a few Dreams, know that the Master Plan covers all sides.  The Master Plan will lead someone else’s ripe dream into the life of someone in need.  And, the Master Plan will give you yet another dream to construct into reality.  So, pick up your Notebook, your Cake, your Ball and your Book and venture into your Master Plan.  January 2011.

6 thoughts on “Kicking Off Your Master Plan

  1. Denise

    Great article! I really like the perspective of “Master Plan.” It makes me think of awakening each morning with the knowledge that He has interwoven His plan for us into “our plan” for the day. Moving into our routine with eyes wide and arms open to the endless possibilities of that single day, especially those predictable unpredictable moments that may seem like obstacles but may be opportunities. God’s teachable moments for us or even using us as an instrument for our spouses, our children, friends or even strangers.
    I believe God sows dreams into the heart, mind and spirit. Big dreams and small dreams. I want to stay in harmony with Him to hear that Voice and seize the opportunities that He offers. If I were to make any resolutions it would be to remove the things that separate me from Him. Anything that keeps me from hearing that still, small voice.
    “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”
    Ps. 37:4 What an awesome promise! Simple and pure. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! I like your writing style. 🙂


  2. sablek

    Hi Denise. Thank you for your thoughts. That is wonderful resolution. At the end of any day, the question really is how close have I stayed to the Lord today? You really don’t have to go any deeper or farther than that. Looking forward to more of your comments. Have a great first day back at school!


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