God, You Are Too Good

For the last few years, I ponder to God . . . You are too good. The heart of what I am trying to say to God is – – Where, my Lord, did you ever come up with the decision to bless me this way? How are you bringing forth such creative goodness that was made to touch me this way? I am awestruck by His greatness and outpouring of His goodness on me. Because, really, He knows my capacity to be like the wild man in the tombs. I have the capacity to be naked, isolated, bound and wild, but I am not. And even more than not, I am clothed, cared for, free and a protected daughter of God.

Still, when I whisper to God that You are too good, there is something in my heart that tells me to go deeper with that love expression to Him. It is fairly human to tell someone they are too good. It is usually an act of unexpected kindness that brings you to that phrase. You are plainly getting better than you think you deserve. So much so that you tell the person just how too good they are. The same is true with God. But God is not too good sometimes or less good other times. God is goodness. That kind of goodness reaches far into the heavens and scoops down low to save our souls and make us friends of God. I get glimpses of the expanse of His goodness in my day dreams, in my time with Him. In my dreams, I think of a place that is white as snow, with the breath of God as the blowing wind. In my dreams, the horizon is the perimeter of the stretch of God’s great arms wrapped around the holy ground. I can’t see the end, but I can see that He is the perimeter.

People are too good, and sometimes not. But God’s kind of good is extended all the time. His good is powered by great love, long suffering, patience and mercy. I am taken back to the wild man in the tombs. We’ve got to remember that none of us is too good to escape becoming bound, wild, naked and alone. But we also have to remember that when no one had any hope for that man, God visited the tombs and redeemed him. He became clothed, in his right mind and began worshipping at the Lord’s feet. God is really that good. He will go anywhere to meet us in our need. He clothes us, tends to our needs no matter how big or small. He frees us up so that we can really know His goodness. He protects us and calls us to mirror His goodness in acts of love and compassion towards others. Yes, in our human understanding, God is too good to us. But, truly the heart of God is goodness. He is our standard and our hope and our joy for all that has been and will be, good.

Inspired by Pastor Bob’s Sermon on Feb 16 – http://media.calvaryftl.org/player/index.cfm?fn=A1576
Inspired by Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon Study – http://www.lifeway.com/Product/GIDEON-YOUR-WEAKNESS-GODS-STRENGTH-MEMBER-BOOK-P005538485

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