Life is like a Pot Hole

Did you ever sit in the last row of a plane? Or ride an ATV in the mountains? Or maybe ride a see-saw with someone way bigger than you? I am talking about the bounce. You’re riding along, and up you go. Hopefully, you don’t hit your head on the way up. But, you can guarantee that, if your butt doesn’t have some pad, it’s going to hurt on the way down. You might like the bounce on the ATV, but definitely not on the plane.

It occurred to me last weekend that our spiritual lives have this kind of bounce. You are on the way up, feeling full of the spirit, optimistic. You have a meeting with God, a spiritual victory, a breakthrough. Your cup runneth over. Oh gosh, but on the way down, slam. The enemy pulls out your seat and you hit the rocky ground. I had this experience yesterday. My husband and I had this great get-away for his 40th birthday. We celebrated with a few couples that we love and love us. Awesome dining, dancing, talking for hours, laughing. On the last day of the trip, we headed to Passion City Church in Atlanta – – where I really felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me, ministering to me, encouraging me and moving me ahead in my life’s journey. My girlfriend and I had a great talk about the Lord over BBQ after service. I left Atlanta completely full and maybe even running over. And then, we got home. I stayed up till midnight packing lunches and headed to bed. That part was really no big deal, I was still running over. The morning came. I hit my head or bruised my butt; I am not sure which it was. Big fight with my husband on the way to school with the kids. Yes, in front of the kids who hadn’t seen mom and dad in three days.

I headed to my Monday morning bible study, ran into my husband one more time. I tried to end the fight. Didn’t go well. He sort of threw our conflict back into my lap. Any way, now I am in a pot hole less than 24 hours after my cup was full and running over. So I cry and my friend Stephanie rubs my arms till I stop crying. I eventually head to work feeling like I just lost a pillow fight and have those stars circling my head (like in cartoons). But really, I am sitting in a spiritual pot hole. I am so dazed that I am not sure even how to get up. Life is like a pot hole sometimes.

It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m up and out of the pot hole. I still remember where God took me on Sunday. And, I don’t really care about yesterday. I remember that God promises hardship in this life. John 16:33. That I will have bruises and cuts and loose fights (with pillows and otherwise). I remember that God taught me about giving and receiving love on Sunday. That He showed me how I can powerfully pray. That I can believe and have faith for the things I pray for. That He is sovereign above all, that He notices me in and out my days. In and out of my acts of love and hope for the things only He can offer. That one day, I will see the things happen that I so greatly desire. One day, my friend. One day, you will be running over and, one day, you will be in a pot hole. Either way, He reigns.

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