Good Night, Chicken Nugget

By JMathis

Dear Chicken Nugget,

You are so blessed to have the mother God has chosen for you. As you bathe in the warmth of your cocoon for the next several months, I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks to you about how precious and lovely your mother is, and how she is a light and a love to all who have come to know her.

As He quiets and reassures you, covering you tenderly, I pray that He whispers to you about your mother’s radiance. Her penchant to live vibrantly is infectious, as it reflects her desire to breathe in the movement of the Spirit and the ways of God.

It is through your mother, that you will learn about Him. For in her generosity and compassion, she will embody for you the essence of God’s transforming love for you and for others.

She is a brilliant diamond, sparkling with laughter, insight and wit, and her stories always hold the ability of drawing you into her heart. Yet, she never ceases to explore the worlds of her family and friends: comforting them during tragedy, encouraging them during darkness and lifting them up higher than when they first walked in through her doors. It is in these times, that she draws you into His heart.

She will be your advocate, your champion and your #1 fan. Focused and tenacious, she will fight for God’s best for you when the hallways of life seem to close in on you. She will do no less for you than she has already done for those within her constellation of reach.

She is a woman of causes, passions and ideas, and she longs to inspire people to chase their own dreams. She is a born teacher and leader, but most of all, her nature is as a friend. Learn from her, delight in her and draw strength from her. Just as God had designed, she is yours and you are hers.

Sleep tight and take rest, for when your day comes, you will meet this incredible woman who has housed you so sweetly. You will meet your brother whom she has so lovingly reared and your father whom she adores. She abounds with love for them and for her Savior, and will also spare no expense in filling your love tank with an endless supply of kisses, hugs and devotion.

Never forget that your mom IS a treasure, and should be treated as such. Sometimes life may divert your attention, but always remember how much she has poured into you, prayed over you and passed onto you.

Just as you are, she is fearfully and wonderfully made, knitted by the hands of God himself. Now, He has knit you to her for a lifetime, as He has knit you to Him for an eternity.

God has provided you with an amazing mother to safeguard your heart, your fingers and your toes. Love her and cherish her, as I do, and walk in the ways that she has taught, so that you will always remember to walk in Him. 

You are so blessed to have the mother God has chosen for you.

Good night, Chicken Nugget. Dream of Mommy’s love, just as I will tonight.

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