Old…But Always Gold

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                                          By Bindu Adai-Mathew

                                          Her hair was the color of the sun.
                                          My hair was the color of night.

                                         Her eyes were blue and bright.
                                         Mine were dark and brown.

                                         Her skin was milky white.
                                         My skin was chocolate milk.

                                         She was the tallest in our class.
                                          I was the shortest in our school.

                                         Her favorite color was green.
                                          I lied and said mine was, too.

                                         Her family was the All American.
                                          My family was the Immigrant Indian.

                                          We couldn’t have been more opposite physically.
                                          But inside, where it counted, we were soul sisters.

                                          With a shared loved of books, learning, and Jesus,
                                          You were my childhood.

                                          Wherever you are, Becky Michelle Dunn,
                                          You were…are…and will always be…
                                           My very first best friend.

2 thoughts on “Old…But Always Gold

    1. She moved away after 6th grade…we managed to stay in touch through junior high, high school, and even college…but then after that, we just seem to have lost touch. I’ve looked for her on facebook, but have yet to find her. I still have our old letters as snail mail was still the only way to communicate back then. As I wrote this, it brought back so many great memories of shared secrets, sleepovers, etc. Good times…innocent times…


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