Hold Me Now

By AbbyA

The Body . . . it causes us so much trouble.  Think about it – – it is literally made of flesh.  Oh, the troubles that arise from the flesh.  It wakes up stinky – – morning breath, bed head.  It’s lazy – – flesh would rather sit on the couch than work out.  It grows old – – it wrinkles up, stops hearing and seeing.  It’s not just that – – it begs for more food when it is full.  It craves things like alcohol and Xanax.   It convinces us we need to fulfill it with cigarettes, bad men and just about any variation of recklessness.

The flesh.  Without control from the Spirit, it’s like a two year old without time-out.  It rants and it raves for the things that harm it and cause it pain.  I remember overcoming my own flesh – – fighting through my twenties, wrestling with the birth of my spiritual woman.  She was within me but required strengthening to overcome the selfish flesh of my youth.  Such a change requires fasting, long talks with God, many tears and consistent worship of the one true, living God who believes in you.

As we close this week’s exploration of the body, take a good, deep look at yourself.  Does your body hold its rightful place as a conduit for Christ?  Or is it an out of control two year old?  Are you being kind to your body by exercising and feeding it well?  Are you giving it the rest it needs to support your better half?  (Of course, I am referring to the Spirit.)  Is your body responsive to your spirit?

In my journey of growing up spiritually through my twenties, I spent hours with Jennifer Knapp’s first album.  My favorite song from that album was and is Hold Me Now.  Some of my most life changing moments entailed me, my little black Toyota and Jennifer Knapp.  Think about where you are at with your body.  Strong or weak, broken or poor, You are His.   He will hold you and mend you until you are perfect in Him.  After all, He spilled his own body’s blood to make you new.

Hold Me Now, By Jennifer Knapp

From the glass alabaster she poured out the depth of her soul
O foot of Christ would you wait if her harlotries known?
Falls a tear to darken the dirt
Of humblest offerings to forgive the hurt
She is strong enough to stand in your love
I can hear her say….

I’m weak
I’m poor
I’m broken, Lord
But I’m your’s
Hold me now, hold me now

Let he without sin cast the first stone if he will
To say that my bride isn’t worth half the blood that I’ve spilled
Point your finger and laugh if you choose
To say my beloved is borrowed and used
She is strong enough to stand in My love
I can hear her say….

I’m weak
I’m poor
I’m broken, Lord
But I’m your’s
Hold me now, hold me now

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