Sin’s Dishonor

By JMathis

On this Memorial Day, my thoughts keep turning to that elite team of American military Special Operations Forces that took down Osama Bin Laden. My mind just cannot fathom the type of man who would be a part of a team like this. “Bravery”, “skill”, and “loyalty” are terms that are often thrown around when referring to these US Navy Seals. My sense is, however, that these words are wholly inadequate in describing heroes of this magnitude. Furthermore, words of gratitude from our lips are also wholly insufficient in describing our debt to them.

King David had a similar team of men who fought for him. The Bible calls them “The Thirty”. More skilled in the art of war than anyone in their day, they sacrificed their lives in fierce devotion to David. These special op guys killed giants, confronted assassins, and overthrew kingdoms in protecting and serving David. They laid down the safety and comfort of their own lives, so that the purposes of God, through King David, would be fulfilled.

David owed all of his successes to these men. David owed them his life.

So, how does he repay them?

He sleeps with the wife of one of these special op guys, and then orders that this faithful warrior be killed to cover up his own sin of adultery.

Instead of honoring Uriah on a day like Memorial Day, David dishonored him by acting upon his own selfish lust and taking Bathsheba for himself.

Can you imagine? Is this how you express gratitude to someone who took down the Bin Ladens of your day for you?

Sin has consequences.

It dishonors yourself. It dishonors those who sacrifice on your behalf. It dishonors your God.

It puts selfish desires ahead of a heart of thanksgiving.

In the busyness of being mothers, volunteers, girlfriends, wives, friends, daughters and professionals, we forget to fall onto our knees and repent of the sin that robs us of our honor.

If David logically thought things through, do you think he would want to honor the man who daily sacrificed his life for him with such dishonor? The dishonor of adultery, deceit and murder? Of course not.

But, he did, nonetheless.

Sin has consequences.

On this Memorial Day, take time to remember, memorialize and pay respects to the fallen soldiers who died fighting for your freedoms, who died taking out the Bin Ladens of this world, so that you could live in peace and safety.

On this Memorial Day, take time to also honor your God. The same God who daily fights the Bin Ladens of your personal life, so that you can lead a life of fullness, wholeness, healing and purpose.

John 10:10 says that: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

How are you repaying the God who is battling daily to fight Satan, the thief, the “Bin Laden” who has come to steal from you, to kill you and destroy you?

Through lies, neglect, contention, strife and manipulation? Or, through humility, thankfulness and purity of heart?

Sin has consequences.

Ask for forgiveness and replace your selfish desires with a heart of thanksgiving.

Turn the dishonor of sin into a life of fullness, wholeness, healing and purpose.

Take time to honor the Lord today.

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