You are His greatest work, His greatest love, His most special child.

By AbbyA

“Kaleidoscopic shards” – – this sounds about right if we are defining life without God.  Broken pieces with sharp edges.  Sort of feels abandoned and unwelcoming.  Sort of feels like you can’t get it together and the opposite of hospitable.  Sounds like a woman’s worst nightmare really.

The best part about God is that He really doesn’t mind how sharp our edges are or how unlovable we may be sometimes.  I figure that God is so good and so wise that the more broken pieces He has to put together, the more joy He takes in His masterpiece.  And, yes, you are His masterpiece – – finished or not, you are His greatest work, His greatest love, His most special child.  You are “allowed” to believe that, you know.  (Whether you are a child or a parent (or both), you know that one can give all of his love to all of his children at the same time. )  Better yet, I think we have His permission to believe that.  When we finally receive how much He really loves us, you will wholeheartedly believe that He sees you without any flaw.  Colossians 1:22.  Receipt of His unending love is a significant puzzle piece in recovering from depression.   Think about that.  Take a look at the quote below.  Breathe it in, let it go.  God loves you so much.

Life, too, is like a kaleidoscope.  Our brokenness comprises life’s kaleidoscopic shards, but when we turn it in God’s direction, we see how He puts a whole new spin on our perspectives.  God’s wastes nothing.  He uses whatever touches our lives for divine purposes. . . .

In that spectacular perspective we who are believers take heart.  God ultimately uses our past, secures our today, and holds our destiny.  As chaotic as life is, as purposeless as some events see, and as brief as our days are, God’s plans are being fulfilled.  And anything over which He pronounces, “And it is good,” shall be exactly that. –Excerpt from Kaleidoscope, Patsy Clairmont

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