Interview with Melissa Pierce of PART ONE

By AbbyA

Epic Beauty is a coalition of women committed to addressing the unique needs of women in crisis. Their goal is to inspire, educate and counsel women so they can reach their full potential in life.  There is no better organization to represent this month’s theme of LOVE.  For there is no greater love than He who laid down his life for His friends.  John 15:13

Melissa Pierce is the founder of Epic Beauty and a pastor at Generation Church in Jupiter, Florida.  Melissa studied at World Changers Bible Institute in Nashville, TN as well as Virginia Commonwealth Univ. in Richmond, VA.  God has used her very successful career in the corporate world to further train her and give her insight into the needs and culture of our society.

As the founder of Epic Beauty, describe the needs of your community that led you to create Epic Beauty. What is your mission?

I am from Richmond, VA, a very conservative town in the Mid-Atlantic. I moved to West Palm in 2007 and was astonished at the explicit adult entertainment advertisement in our area. I couldn’t imagine that there were enough women working to keep these places open, and if there were, I asked myself, what was driving them? Our mission is to reach out to women in adult entertainment and let them know that they are loved and regarded, in and by their community. We also reach out to women living on the streets and our goal in both cases is to bring resources to these women.  We have partnered with several organizations that provide sustainable assistance to women in crisis.

Tell us about your baskets of love ministry and give some specific examples of responses of women who receive them.

We create baskets full of things women love, such as perfumes, candles, stationary, bath products etc. We also create baskets/backpacks for children of single moms.  The reactions have been awesome, women are truly touched that other women have taken the time to put together something beautiful for them and want absolutely nothing in return.

At the beginning of the ’10 school year we gave away 200 backpacks full of school supplies to single moms, and many mothers told us they weren’t sure how they were going to provide school supplies for their children.

Tell us how to get involved with creating and delivering baskets of love.  Any memorable stories from baskets of love gatherings?

Getting involved with baskets of love can be super fun! Any women’s group can get together and donate the items mentioned above and spend time being creative, silly and compassionate. Anyone can get involved by simply visiting or calling 561-745-3035 x.24

The most memorable experience was our first outreach where we put together over 200 baskets, and there were women from 5 different churches represented! It was so amazing to see the Christian community coming together in unity!

Click here to read more about Epic Beauty in a recent news interview by CBS 12 News.

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