Unmask Yourself

By Bindu Adai-Mathew

Authenticity. It is something we instinctively seek in others, but it’s something we may struggle with in our own lives. For authenticity, while quite desirable, comes at a high price. It requires openness…transparency…vulnerability.  Words that make even the most extroverted of people shudder.

For being authentic may sometimes require us to admit characteristics, flaws, feelings that we are not quite ready to “own up to.” Or it may require admitting to mistakes, past decisions, etc. that we’re not quite ready to share.

Authenticity sometimes invites judgment, criticism, and, alas, even gossip…something we’re all reluctant to hear about ourselves.

During the month of September, FemmeFuel will tear open the veil that we often use to cover the most secret part of ourselves. We will explore the fears, anxiety as well as the benefits and growth that come with striving to be our most authentic selves. During Week 1, we will delve into how we can be more authentic with God and how often He can use our circumstances and struggles to reveal our true nature to ourselves, holding up our flaws to us like a mirror. During Week 2, we will delve into how we can be more authentic with ourselves, and Week 3 will focus on how we can also strive to be more authentic in church or our Christian community. During Week 4, we will wrap up the topic by how we can be more relate-able as Christians to our non-Christian community of co-workers, friends, and/or family. How can we share the love and truth of Christ without coming off “holier than thou”? How can we stop hiding behind the veneer of religion and demonstrate the honest love of Christ?

So join us this month as we seek to unmask our innermost selves and strive to become our most authentic selves.