Picture-Perfect Days

By JMathis

I am trying to take AbbyA’s advice and seek out images of picture-perfect days. Days where I look to the sky and am giddy with excitement over all of God’s Creation.

This morning, I awoke to a stunning, autumn morning where the air was crisp and the birds were furiously tweeting love songs. There was a freshness in the air, and God had lovingly smattered hues of fall colors all over the canvas of my morning.

That right there could have been (should have been) the snapshot of my picture-perfect day. But, like most mornings, I didn’t allow that image to prevail.

I allowed the pressures of work and the guilt of mommyhood to struggle for dominance over my thoughts. I allowed the image of my picture-perfect day to be choked by worries over missed deadlines, half-packed lunches and speeding tickets.

What had I done? God had presented me with a picture-perfect day, and I chose to trample all over this gift instead. Can you imagine doing the same to an expensive, carefully selected present given to you by a dear friend?

Imagine getting an exquisite picture frame bordered by rare jewels and hand-made etchings. Then envision taking that picture frame and throwing it directly into the trash, all because you thought it was just too much effort to put a photograph inside.

Ladies, the days of Jeremiah are indeed upon us. Days of darkness, days of dread. Days where no one sees you for you, much less the treasure that resides within you.

But we also have a choice. A choice too choose joy. A choice to choose God’s gifts over the superficial worries of a fallen world. A choice to choose picture-perfect days.

What will you choose today?

Great is his faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations 3:23.