Interview with Melissa Pierce of PART TWO

By AbbyA

Epic Beauty is a coalition of women committed to addressing the unique needs of women in crisis. Our goal is to inspire, educate and counsel women so they can reach their full potential in life.  There is no better organization to represent this month’s theme of LOVE.  For there is no greater love than He who laid down his life for His friends.  John 15:13

Melissa Pierce is the founder of Epic Beauty and a pastor at Generation Church in Jupiter, Florida.  Melissa studied at World Changers Bible Institute in Nashville, TN as well as Virginia Commonwealth Univ. in Richmond, VA.  God has used her very successful career in the corporate world to further train her and give her insight into the needs and culture of our society.


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It is easy for most of us to have great sympathy for victims of domestic violence such as an abused pregnant woman.  What is the response of the greater community and local churches to your outreach to women involved in the adult entertainment industry?

Many people feel that these women are choosing a job in that industry, and because of their choices they deserve all of the negative repercussions that come with it. I believe that Jesus loves us on the absolute worst day of our lives and our job is to go for Him, and share the lavish gift of His love.

Describe the most pressing issues of worldwide sex industry.  How does Epic Beauty see itself in terms of impacting the world wide sex industry?

I think the most pressing issue is the growing number of children/teenagers being trafficked for sex in the US. This year we are launching a teen initiative to make teens aware of the dangers.

Sex for money is a great human tragedy and if one woman chooses to leave adult entertainment or prostitution because of our efforts, I will feel that we have made an impact.

How has the gospel of Jesus Christ impacted your founding of Epic Beauty?  How does Epic Beauty share the love of Christ to women in crisis?

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the sole reason and purpose for why we do what we do.  His love is so extravagant toward us and it is our responsibility to take that rich Gift to every woman that will listen.

Anything else that is on your heart that you want to share about Epic Beauty, women in crisis or the sex industry?

The most important thing I would say to your readers, is “Do Something.” “Please.”  There is very likely, a woman, in everyone’s life that needs validation, love, a listening ear, resources, advice, guidance, comfort and, that woman, is a great place to start. If you don’t know anyone who may be in crisis, there is a myriad of organizations that need volunteers, such as the YWCA, FirstCare, Place of Hope.

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Anyone can get involved by simply visiting or calling 561-745-3035 x.24