It Starts with Your Beliefs

By Bindu Adai Mathew

Do you ever feel inadequate? Like you don’t have the talents to do anything great?  That you could never accomplish your dreams? Like you will never lose that weight? That you will never get that higher educational degree?

Then you won’t.

Ouch! That was harsh, you say. But you will most likely never achieve things you feel are impossible. The statistics aren’t in your favor.  Interview any top professional—be it a top entrepreneur, lettered professor, surgeon, or inventor. They may have looked at a task that seemed impossible. But they never thought they couldn’t do it. In fact, they thought the reverse. They knew they could… they persevered despite the impossibility of it. They persevered even though they, too, had their days of doubt and days of discouragement. They persevered when the going got tough. When they themselves were tempted to give up. They persevered and didn’t stop until they completed their task.

What you accomplish in your life is in direct relation to what you believe you can achieve. If you don’t believe it, then you most likely won’t.

So what do you believe about yourself today?

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