Silence the Heckler

By Bindu Adai Mathew

How many years have you promised to lose that weight, learn that new language, to be more organized, to read your Bible more? I think the hardest part of trying to make changes is the letdown we feel when we don’t complete what we set out to do.  We feel like a failure. And whether it’s a new year’s resolution or a goal we make at any time of the year, we are reminded of all the times we made them before and failed.

Well, today is the day when you just look forward.

 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come.  2 Corinthians 5:17

Today is the day when you say, I can… and I will.

Because today is the day when you realize you are a new creation. But there is a caveat to that statement. IN CHRIST, you are a new creation. IN CHRIST, the old things have passed away. IN CHRIST, new things have come.

I want you to be aware of your power IN CHRIST. I don’t want you to feel powerless in light of your past failures. I want to you to feel powerful in light of our Savior.  You are not alone.

Easier said than done. I get it. It’s hard for me to forget my past mistakes, too. My inner voice is like a heckler in my head. Sure you’ll do that… like you did so many times before (Snort!) Yes, my inner heckler snorts with sarcasm! Or maybe your inner heckler says nothing to you but just laughs and shakes her head as you then cringe in shame and give up before even starting.

It’s hard to think you can do anything when your inner heckler is telling you that you can’t do it. When she or he is reminding you of all the times you didn’t succeed in the past.

But when that inner heckler speaks, snorts, or shakes her head, I want you to repeat the following: “In Christ, I am a new creature. In Christ, the old things have passed away. In Christ, new things have come.”

That inner heckler will speak at all times of the day. When you wake up in the morning. When you’re drinking your morning tea/coffee. When you’re deciding whether to do something productive or just spending another evening in front of the tv. When you get on the weight scale and don’t see any changes and are tempted to give up.

Each time the heckler speaks, you repeat:  “In Christ, I am a new creature. In Christ, the old things have passed away. In Christ, new things have come.”

Yes, every year is a new year to start again. But so is every day. So is every minute.  Even if you slip, don’t beat yourself with shame. Start again. You are a new creation. The old has passed.

We have much to accomplish this year. You are not alone. You are IN CHRIST.

One thought on “Silence the Heckler

  1. Tomorrow, I finalize my 2016 goals. I am so glad I am reading this today — as I am sure my internal heckle will begin as soon I get going with the good work that God has put on my heart. – Sasha


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