Oh, To Be Chosen . . . for Simply Tuesday

This past January, I enthusiastically applied to be part of the 2015-16 Leadership Fellowship for the Florida Bar.  Yes, I wrote up a resume (after 11 years of being self-employed).  Pulled together two written recommendations.  And, had my dear friend read and edit my essays on why the powers-that-be should pick me.  I patiently waited four months to find out that the powers-that-be did not pick me.

But this is not a boohoo story.  Just a few weeks ago, I filled out a short questionnaire to be part of Emily P. Freeman’s Launch Team for her new book Simply Tuesday.  I did get a pick me.  Woohoo!

For the next several Tuesdays, I will be sharing with you my Simply Tuesday moments in my life and comments and quotes from Emily’s new book debuting in August called Simply Tuesday.  You can follow Emily on instagram and chime in with your own #‎itssimplytuesday‬ moments.  Looking forward to this sharing and reading, reading and sharing in a Femmefuel sort of way.  Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Oh, To Be Chosen . . . for Simply Tuesday

    1. Hi Michelle. I hope you enjoy reading Simply Tuesday. The author is Emily P. Freeman. I have been lucky enough to read an advance copy of the book. I know that you will love it! Thanks for following our blog Femmefuel. I would be happy to follow you too! Let me know your links for social media. Have a great day!


      1. Hello! I realized that after I read much more of your blog that this was by author Emily P. Freeman! I love this entire idea and look forward to following your blog! I don’t really have social media links just Wp and twitter but I don’t really use twitter. Have a super day yourself! 😀


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