Be Honest

Who are you and what are you made of? You are His beloved. But, how often do or don’t you feel like that? I think about my weaknesses, mistakes, sins. They all exist, that’s a fact. Maybe your current circumstances bring out thoughts of inadequacies. I experience lack of wisdom, even for the things I think I know. In the face of pressing circumstances, I have to dig deep in me to bubble up the wisdom that, apparently, I have hidden on the inside. You are His beloved. But, how often do you feel like that?

How many times has something of the past come to mind and immediately you think, “Oh Lord, how embarrassing, how stupid, how base. Who was that person who did that, Lord?” And then you remember, yes, that was me, then. Yes, it’s a fact. That was you, then. I, by no means, discount who you are now, but who you were then seeps in from time to time. You are His beloved. But, how often do you feel like that?

Identity is received by the Father, not achieved in the world. Think about that wisdom. Who you are and what you are made of is a gift from the Father. We all know that at any given time who we are right now doesn’t exactly look like the specific promises of God over our lives. But that’s okay. He is working out all of those details in your life. He is giving you many opportunities to grow and walk right into straight paths. I think it is our responsibility to choose right according to His word. Have faith that He can do anything in you and you can do anything He asks you to in Him.

Be honest with yourself. Make corrections where you can. Give away who you are not today. I have learned that the breadth of His great love consumes any sin that I am willing to humbly give to Him. I have learned that I, by no means, have all of the answers for myself or for all of the people I love and care for. I am learning that it is okay to pass on to Him in faith what I can’t resolve or figure out. I am starting to learn that it is His love that is enabling me to learn these things. All of the love that He bore on His back for me at the cross. It is this kind of love that makes me His beloved. I promise you that I do not understand all of what I am saying today, but faith and love have pulled me along to this place. And, with faith and love, I will continue on from this place.

Inspired by Pastor Mark Driscoll’s sermon Rich Jesus, Poor Jesus, January 26, 2014, Mars Hill Church . Italics come from my sermon notes.

Also inspired by Pastor Bob Coy’s sermon Help Them Heal Them – Cost, March 2, 2014, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

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