It’s Already Paid For

Not too long ago, the Femmefuel writers dedicated the month of July to the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection. Two years later, Bindu, JMathis and I are in completely different places. Literally and figuratively. Bindu is a published author seeing the first fruits of her creativity and obedience to God’s call on her life. JMathis has moved many miles away from South Florida pushing herself to the next level in her career. And, me, as I look back at all of the topics the three of us have blogged and lived over the past few years, I praise God that He let us be ourselves in an honest way that, ultimately, helped us grow. And, you reader-friends, I am sure you have sprouted seeds that have become hearty and strong.

I like the idea of thinking back in the month of July and to the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection. There is no greater challenge for women than this connection. It is the connection of these three parts that keep us healthy, vibrant and serving Him in strength. I believe that when we are seeking Him to stay connected, that balance that we all seek is possible. In fact, I would go as far as to say that when I seek Him to keep connected in the way of Body-Mind-Spirit, He is more effectively able to work out my daily details. And, the more I am in sync with Him for my daily details, the more I am able to be a fruitful role in the workings of His larger plan for humankind.

These thoughts come to me out of my recent challenges of working through more stress than I have ever had to bear. Going through this season has pushed me to my mental capacity. I am learning how to give God the bill for my groceries. My grocery bags are so heavy. He is watching me obediently carrying the bags. He says, “Give me the bill for that.” “I will check you out of the grocery line and will cover the cost.” In His sweet, Fatherly way, He says, “Just keep walking with the bags, my son already paid the bill.” In part, I am learning that there are just some things that I was not intended to do, and for those things I am incapable of, He doesn’t just have them covered, He already paid the bill.

I want to share with you an exerpt from my morning devotion. “If you don’t know the plan God has for you, ask Him to show you. Tell Him that you are ready to carry out all that He has for you to do . . . You are an important part of His overall plan in this world. So go ahead. Walk in that plan.” Wonderfully Made (Barbour Publishing). I like that call to action because God has a lot for you to do that will bring you great joy and fullfillment and Him great glory. There is no more empty place to be that out of whack with His plan for you and disconnected in the ways He planned for you to be connected. I am encouraging you to grab onto His strong arm, lean into His ever listening ear and ask Him some heartfelt questions. The gulf and wealth of what He has for us is wise and sweet and life changing. And, more than that, it is already paid for – – you only need to pick up a few grocery bags and walk.

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