Welcoming Real

By AbbyA

There are stories both told and untold.  They are in the hearts of all of us.  We often hide them deep; sometimes we wear them on our sleeve; but we rarely reveal them.

There is a reason for Femmefuel.  Much of our purpose is a story both told and untold.  Like yours.  We fuel, we write, because of the stories in our collective hearts.  We write because the story is better told through the eyes of Christ.  We write because sometimes it is too hard to speak what the inner soul is saying.  We write because we yearn for you to be known.  With the yearning that real words will ignite freedom in you to go deeper in your relationship with Christ.

Spooled up in this ball of yarn is Femmefuel’s greatest hope.  That you would be bold enough to be real.  That you would be bold enough to show yourself to your brothers and sisters.  That you would step out on the trapeze line of real.  To live your real story.  Both told and untold.

Our hope for real is knitted up in one core belief.  That your willingness to be real will rock and change your world.  That you would shine bright warming and lighting the hearts of your brothers and sisters.  Solely for the glory of the true and living God.  Fuel with us; it is never a good idea to go at real alone.


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